21 julio 2010

there's no business

art by Christian Northeast

"...and you're trying to lure customers in with a caveman spinning a sign around?...[I'm] not some sign-spinning fucking monkey!"
- Kenny Powers

There is business in the show business, right in the end of it. Something I don't like that much and definitely something I'm not good at. I like to think I know enough about it to keep myself out of it or maybe, I like it better on the show side of the game. The part of putting up a show to show something, that too is in the name. But still there is shit to pay.

"Why don't you come here and say some funny stuff for free? Why don't you write something and I steal it so I get the money and you get shit out of your very own ideas?" Then for me and a few others, that's where the line is drawn, "Is not that I hate money that much. How about I give you the show and you show me the money?!"
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