11 noviembre 2009

start securing shit


No matter how broke I am, I'll never be in the army or any other shit like that. It just don't make any sense to me, but on my way home I can't miss this billboard with a high school drop out face big guy, striking a soldier wannabe pose and fucking telling me to start securing my future, what the fuck? Is not even a full army ad, is just the rotc version to get stupid broke college students to sign up. "You know, is not a full time commitment..." at least not until they call you to go and do the job. That's when you get crazy motherfuckers that start killing people before they get to the zone, even their own, like psychiatrist Major Crazy Bastard in Texas. How fucked up is to get a bullet from the guy supposed to be giving you pills to chill out? Crazy shit indeed.

So start strong! Go ahead and securing your future, it's easy. Just call, go get that leadership training and you might get that officer career opportunity killing people overseas or at home. But try to stay alive, or come back in a wheelchair, or crazy or something so that you can wear a Whatever War III Veteran baseball cap and enjoy the full benefits. They even give you a Veterans License Plate! How's that for a strong ending?
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