19 mayo 2012

smokey it up!

Now, this is how you effectively deliver a message to the kids. It's colorful, got music with dancing talking singing animals and a cool cat grooving it all the way.

Who came up with the idea? I think it was a grown up that knows and accept the fact that kids will pay more attention to animals saying something in a simple way: "Don't play with matches, don't play with fire". But the ad is really more than just "prevent wild fires" advice, it also teaches the kids to watch out for the rat that's always doing something to fuck it all up.

Probably some deep metaphorical social content for kids but they will hopefully avoid hanging out with rats and playing with fire until they're old enough to go to in the woods and fire up a spliff keeping that fire for themselves...and then it will all make sense...

"Hey dude, do you remember that Smokey 'N Da Boyz tv commercial?"

"Yeah, the one with the running jumping screaming rabbit?"

"Don't play with matches, that's why we got lighters!"

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